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Editor's Note: Revving Up for Recital Season

Dance Retailer News

As studio dancers around the country rehearse for spring performances, it’s time to prepare your store for recital season. Dancers and their parents are busier than ever, so this is the perfect opportunity to remind customers that you make their lives easier by providing, at a moment’s notice, all the dance apparel, shoes and accessories they need.

To get in gear, you’ll need to stock up on tights and shoes, of course, but you’ll also want to be prepared for potential last-minute costume sales opportunities. In “Showstopping Styles” (page 18), we feature 14 pieces that serve dancers well in class and onstage. “Perfect Presents for Performers” (page 14) gives a glimpse at postperformance gifts to delight every type of dancer. And don’t forget to check out What Dancers Want (page 38) for an insider’s look at the items seasoned studio dancers say they simply can’t live without on a recital weekend.

Once you’ve replenished your stockroom, begin strategizing about how you’ll drive sales this spring. Turn to Seen and Heard (page 36) to see how six veteran dance retailers go above and beyond to anticipate customers’ recital season needs. From creating special displays to boost performance undergarment sales to working with local studios to compile detailed lists of accessory requirements for each of their routines, there are plenty of inspirational ideas that should spur your own creativity.

—Colleen Bohen

Talk to me! What’s your recital season sales strategy? What steps will you take to get customers streaming through your doors during this spring performance season? E-mail me at to share your plans.