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Editor's Note: Be Unforgettable

Dance Retailer News

To remain competitive in today’s marketplace, storeowners must strive to make a lasting impression on customers. A good place to do that is in your approach to shoe sales. Shoes are an essential profit-driving category for dance retailers, and it only makes sense to fine-tune your selling strategies. If you can provide a young dancer with a comfortable, memorable shoe-buying experience, you’ll gain a customer for life.

The key to closing a shoe sale is offering a professional fitting. It all starts with an inviting fitting area. Turn to “Superb Shoe-Fitting Areas” (page 32) for a peek inside four dance stores with attractive, functional fitting areas that keep customers coming back. Then read “Getting to the Pointe” (page 24) for expert advice from veteran retailers on creating the perfect first pointe shoe fitting. And don’t miss “What Dancers Want” (page 38), which gives feedback from experienced ballet dancers on the special touches they most appreciate during fittings.

Once you’ve updated your shoe sales strategy, turn to “Get Creative with Your Loyalty Rewards” (page 22) for innovative ideas that will take your store’s customer loyalty program to new heights. Implement these strategies to make your devoted customers feel as valued as possible.

—Colleen Bohen