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Editor's Note: Maintaining Momentum

Dance Retailer News

Congratulations! After months of preparation, you’re finally seeing some light at the end of the back-to-school tunnel. Now that the fall rush is almost over, it’s time to decide how you’ll keep your momentum through the end of the year.

“Planning for Successful Sales” (page 20) will interest any retailer looking to time sales for maximum impact. From the best times of year to host a sale to tips on how to successfully shorten your sales to create a stronger sense of urgency in customers, you won’t want to miss this one.

You also have other challenges. Since so many of our readers have purchased their stores from previous owners, “Making Your Store Your Own” (page 22) addresses the unique hurdles that second-owners face when taking over existing dance stores.
A small-business expert gives feedback, and several experienced storeowners offer practical strategies that will help you know how and when to make changes to your store.

Finally, if you run your store with the help of a spouse, child, sibling or other family member, you’ll want to read “All In The Family” (page 24). Managing a small, close-knit staff can be tricky under any circumstances, but maintaining a professional, respectful and productive atmosphere can be even more challenging when family is involved. This feature is filled with practical advice from veterans of family-run dance stores on how to successfully manage in-store interactions with co-working relatives.

Dive in!

—Colleen Bohen