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Editor's Note: Looking Ahead

Dance Retailer News

How will you make 2013 your most profitable year yet? Now that back-to-school is over and your holiday plans are in place, it’s time to figure out how you’ll make your store feel fresh in the coming year. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Reevaluate your image. If you can’t remember the last time you updated your store’s logo, read “Logo Logic” (page 30) for insight from marketing specialists and designers. They’ll help you determine if your logo is doing all it can to build your brand. And, “Ask Leslie” (page 31) offers strategic advice on where to place your logo in your store.

2. Find new ways to drive business. If your store traffic has leveled off, it may be time to look for ways to expand your assortment. In “Selling Shapewear” (page 26), we examine the emerging shapewear category. While contouring garments have been a staple in mainstream apparel for years, dancewear makers have only recently begun to create their own versions. Read to find out how you can position these items for your customers.

3. Replenish your assortment. As you plan for your biggest order of the year, be sure to check out “Stepping Out in Style”(page 20) for an update on all of the best-selling shoe styles to stock in the coming year. “Seasonal Shift” (page 18) also offers a roundup of the latest tights and legwarmer styles from 14 leading manufacturers.

Start reading so you can start planning!

—Colleen Bohen

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