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Editor's Note: Adapt or Perish

Dance Retailer News

The most successful businesspeople reinvent their companies or products to suit customers’ changing tastes. In this issue, we’re celebrating several dance retailers and manufacturers who have found fresh ways to serve their clientele in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

As the popularity of barefoot dancing has grown, several dance shoe manufacturers have come up with inventive solutions that allow retailers to draw in barefoot dancers. In “Barely There Footwear” (page 18), we explore the rapidly growing footwear category for dancers who prefer to dance barefoot. The featured styles showcase the seemingly endless ways that creative designers can retool even the simplest products
to meet the diverse, hyperspecific needs of a wide range of dancers.
Retailers are also finding several fresh ways to keep customers satisfied and engaged. In “Upselling Strategies” (page 34), five dance storeowners discuss the varied methods they use to encourage shoppers to buy more whenever they’re in their stores. And “Strengthening Studio Bonds” (page 24) highlights three retailers who go above and beyond standard tactics to connect with local studio clients.

Inventory updates and customer service tweaks aren’t the only ways you can improve your store. “Sense and Sensibilities” (page 30) discusses how and why stores can appeal to all five of shoppers’ senses to create more memorable in-store experiences that will encourage brand loyalty.

Wishing you a summer filled with innovation,

—Colleen Bohen

* Shaping Sales
Don’t forget to read our Retailer Spotlight on page 26! This month, we visit Shape Shop in Boca Raton, FL. Find out how the owner, a New York native with a background in women’s apparel sales, has revamped a dance and activewear shop to better meet the needs of the area’s growing dance community.